About us

For almost 30 years SHD ITALIA designs, manufactures, markets and installs, in Italy and abroad, prefabricated operating rooms, intensive care units, dialysis units and central sterile services departments.

Our specific self-loading wall cladding modular systems ensure an optimal and flexible performance of all hospital departments requiring controlled bacterial contamination.

Thanks to the expertise SHD ITALIA can deal with new construction projects or hospital and clinic refurbishments.
A skilled design team assists the designer in writing the specifications and provides the customer with the project management. We make our know-how available through every phase of the construction process.
SHD ITALIA constantly develops and improves its products in order to achieve better, innovative and high quality solutions.

SHD ITALIA is ISO 9001 certified since 2001.



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At SHD ITALIA we put our production facilities, know-how, experience and network of experts at the service of our national and international customers.

The key to our success is the cooperation, not only among ourselves, but also and especially with our suppliers, agents, customers and the key people in the healthcare markets we serve.

We believe in respecting our customers, listening to their requests and understanding their expectations.

  • Provide competitive, valued, high-quality products to our customers
  • Continual improvement and innovation in our product design
  • Create new market opportunities for our suppliers
  • Support customers through every step of their project
  • Create a safe work environment
  • Respect diverse perspectives, experiences and traditions of our customers as essential
Our global vision is to be a leader worldwide in the healthcare market thanks to our cutting-edge solutions in the field of hospital and laboratory construction.