The worktops in Asepsi Labsteel® vitreous enamel are made of 12/10 decarbonized steel and porcelain enamel resistant to acid AA class according to applicable regulations in the laboratory industry and subjected to double baking in special ovens up to 820 °C.

The enamel provides excellent resistance against all common chemicals. Oils, acids, iodine and stains of various kinds can be removed with conventional detergents. Solvents and abrasive powders do not penetrate, do not scratch and do not alter the surface.
The inner support made with high pressure polyurethane injection has a strengthening function. The backplate is made of galvanized steel.

  • With or without marine edges
  • Resistance to acids, scratches, long use and UV rays
  • Monolithic non-porous surface
  • Ease of cleaning and decontamination
  • Incombustibility
  • Absence of solvents and non-toxicity