Sustion® is a modular wall system designed and manufactured by SHD ITALIA.

It consists of a self-standing metal substructure to which various types of panels, doors and built-in accessories can be applied. Cutting-edge solution for surgical units, suitable to all hospital departments that require an high antibacterial performance with flawless quality. Several finishes available including the innovative antibacterial Asepsi Solid Mineral Surface® with high hygienic performances.


  • Visual impact
    High quality materials, wide range of colors and customized silk-screen printing with remarkable aesthetic results
  • Productivity, versatility and flexibility
    – Reduced installation time, clean and quiet work ensuring minimum interference in adjoining rooms
    – Quick maintenance without “department shutdown”
    – High flexibility in case of specification and regulation changes
  • Total flatness
    Rounded shapes, no sharp edges and perfectly flush surfaces without protrusions or grout joints
  • Full-height panels
    No horizontal grout joints among the panels with reduction of critical points for bacteria nesting and breeding
  • Vertical joints
    – quickly removable and bacteria resistant non-toxic silicone with flush surface
    – non-toxic silicone gasket
    – welding available with Antibacterial Asepsi SMS® panels for a monolithic surface with total flatness
  • Irregular screed compensation system
    It compensates any irregularities on the screed/floor up to ± 20 mm.
  • Air permeability and acoustic insulation
    Double gasket between panel and substructure to provide airtightness and air-handling unit increased efficiency. A recyclable polyester panel ensures thermal insulation and noise reduction up to 52 dB
  • Fire resistance
    An additional system provides fire resistance EI 60 class
  • X-ray protection
    A X-ray protection barrier in lead plates up to 2 mm thick can be installed behind panels and built-in accessories
  • Airtight ceiling with integrated accessories
    The Asepsi Alusmalt® and Flatline® suspended ceilings with self-standing structure, modular panels and various material solutions are perfectly integrated with ceiling light fixtures and fittings for pendants, surgical lights and air handling units
  • Airtight windows and built-in accessories
    The system is completed by a wide range of wall accessories including:
    – partially or totally glazed windows
    – monitors, clocks and X-ray viewing box
    – various cabinets
    – gas, electrical and data outlets
    – pass box and soiled material pass-through
    – air handling units

Main components

  • Aluminum and steel substructure
  • Finishing panels
  • Angular profiles
  • Built-in accessories
  • Suspended ceiling and light fixtures
  • Air handing units


  • Antibacterial Asepsi Solid Mineral Surface®
  • Lacquered Glass
  • HPL Laminate
  • Steristeel®
  • Glassteel®