Lindo® is a modular wall system designed and manufactured by SHD ITALIA.

It consists of a full-height metal substructure to which various types of panels, doors and built-in accessories can be applied. Cutting-edge solution for surgical units, suitable to all hospital departments that require an high antibacterial performance with flawless quality. Several finishes available including the innovative antibacterial Asepsi Solid Mineral Surface® with high hygienic performances.


  • Visual impact
    High quality materials, wide range of colors and customized silk-screen printing with remarkable aesthetic results
  • Productivity, versatility and flexibility
    – Reduced installation time, clean and quiet work ensuring minimum interference in adjoining rooms
    – Quick maintenance without “department shutdown”
    – High flexibility in case of specification and regulation changes
  • Total flatness
    Rounded shapes, no sharp edges and perfectly flush surfaces without protrusions or grout joints
  • Full-height panels
    No horizontal grout joints among the panels with reduction of critical points for bacteria nesting and breeding
  • Vertical joints
    – quickly removable and bacteria resistant non-toxic silicone with flush surface
    – non-toxic silicone gasket
    – welding available with Antibacterial Asepsi SMS® panels for a monolithic surface with total flatness
  • Irregular screed compensation system
    It compensates any irregularities on the screed/floor up to ± 20 mm.
  • Air permeability and acoustic insulation
    Double gasket between panel and substructure to provide airtightness and air-handling unit increased efficiency. A recyclable polyester panel ensures thermal insulation and noise reduction up to 52 dB
  • Fire resistance
    An additional system provides fire resistance EI 60 class.
  • X-ray protection
    A X-ray protection barrier in lead plates up to 2 mm thick can be installed behind panels and built-in accessories
  • Airtight ceiling with integrated accessories
    The Asepsi Alusmalt® and Flatline® suspended ceilings with self-standing structure, modular panels and various material solutions are perfectly integrated with ceiling light fixtures and fittings for pendants, surgical lights and air handling units
  • Airtight windows and built-in accessories
    The system is completed by a wide range of wall accessories including:
    – partially or totally glazed windows
    – monitors, clocks and X-ray viewing box
    – various cabinets
    – gas, electrical and data outlets
    – pass box and soiled material pass-through
    – air handling units

Main components

  • Aluminum and steel substructure
  • Finishing panels
  • Angular profiles
  • Built-in accessories
  • Suspended ceiling and light fixtures
  • Air handing units


  • Asepsi Antibacterial SMS® 3 mm thk.
  • Asepsi Antibacterial SMS® 12 mm thk.
  • Lacquered Glass
  • Stainless Steel
  • Powder Coated Stainless Steel
  • HPL Laminate


Hermetic doors

Lindo® doors are designed not only to be integrated into the Lindo® system. They are an excellent solution for any kind of refurbishment of existing hospitals. The range meets the most varied requirements for bacterial controlled environments and ensures medical team maximum efficiency.

Easily installable both on prefabricated modular systems and on traditional walls, the range includes sliding and hinged doors with airtightness according to EN 14351 with manual and automatic drive according to EN 16005.
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Lindo® Touchscreen control panel

Thanks to the interactive display the medical team can get information on medical gases, HVAC and electrical systems and control some functions.

Features and controls:
  • glass touchscreen
  • “Projected Capacity” technology for use with surgical gloves
  • interactive display with customizable menu
  • analogic clock, digital timer and date
  • alarms
  • medical gases
  • humidity and temperature
  • ventilation
  • power supply
  • environmental statistics

Surgical scrub units

Surgical scrub units in stainless steel or mineral composite material with manual and electronic brassware.

  • up to double sink structure in mineral composite material
  • up to triple sink structure in AISI 304 stainless steel with Scotch Brite finish
Complete with backsplash to mount the built-in brassware, hand-washing accessories and rosette for connection to drain syphon.
Brassware and sterilized liquid dispenser with manual lever or automatic electronic photocell.