red Tree Christmas

Christmas holidays

SHD ITALIA is closed from 23/12/2022 to 03/01/2023.

Best wishes for Christmas holidays to all of you.

Habilita - I Cedri

Habilita Casa di Cura I Cedri

Inauguration of the new surgical unit at Casa di Cura “I Cedri” in Fara Novarese.
SHD Italia supplied and installed: 3 operating rooms with their adjoining rooms, 12 Lindo hospital doors and 3 automatic surgical scrub sinks.

Aprile 2022

Closure of April 2022

SHD ITALIA will be closed on Monday 18th and 25th April 2022.

Progettare per la Sanità - copertina

Case history on “Progettare per la Sanità”

SHD Italia was contacted by the trade magazine “Progettare per la Sanità” to write an article on a notable project completed during the pandemics.

We decided to talk about the project at Women’s and Children’s Hospital in the United Arab Emirates, which included 4 operating rooms with the Lindo Vision integration system, 16 Lindo doors and 3 automatic surgical scrub sinks.